Why some research chemicals are not effective

Purchase of research chemicals needs due diligence.

Take care in assessing the use of your research chemicals. Your well being and health, and those of your family and employees, may be at risk.

Steps to be taken or points taken into account:

Some distributors and manufacturers are dishonest and sell material of dubious quality.

Be particularly wary of research chemicals from other countries which may not have high standards in honesty, quality and testing .

Even with reputable vendors independent testing of product is expensive and the distributor may only have the manufacturer's assurance of quality;

Follow these guidelines:

(i) Check online forums for information. There are many.;

(ii) The website:- https://drugs-forum.com/index.php is very good and provides a wealth of useful information as well as allowing you to ask questions.

Purchase of research chemicals is a process which is not rushed. Due to the great variety of research chemicals available it is sensible to take your time before parting with your money.